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“Space:Queens” – Damali “The Glitter Priestess” Abrams — Aker: Futuristically Ancient

Hello! Welcome back to my Astro-Caribbean series with a double dose of Space:Queens for you! Last week, I had artist Shervone Neckles and now I present to you Damali Abrams! Damali is a talented visual artist, writer and herbalist, who is using her talents to help to heal the world. Enjoy my interview with […] via …

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African Culture in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon

Originally posted on Essays of a Young Philologist:
African-American literature is a very young subset of literature, considering that Western literature has been around at least since the days of Beowulf in the early Middle Ages. Even though it is quite young, African American literature has many complexities due to its relation to race issues,…

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