A Prayer To Deliver Us From Mediocre White Men

Can I get an AMEN?!


Dear Mother Father Everything God,

Please Deliver us from mediocre white men.

Normally, I would believe that to be a powerful enough prayer but Uncle was a real down home praying Pastor and he taught us to be very specific in our prayer. He spoke about the time he prayed for you to keep death in front of him and next thing he knew people all around him were dying left and right. It is with that in mind that I come to you with this very specific prayer. A petition so powerful that it would shake the foundation our lives and world.

Lawd, this trifling, scallywag of a man Bill O’Reilly had the nerve to come for our church auntie Maxine Waters. Lawd, he had the nerve to try and ruin her good name and credit by disrespecting her crown in glory. Now we know fatha that Bill O’Reilly…

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This newly discovered photo of Harriet Tubman Gives me LIFE.


OMG. This is everything. Harriet Tubman as a young woman. Looking like a boss. No. Correction: She WAS THE ORIGINAL BOSS. Look at her. Looking beautiful and strong and sporting something sexy. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!



“Space:Queens” – Damali “The Glitter Priestess” Abrams — Aker: Futuristically Ancient

Hello! Welcome back to my Astro-Caribbean series with a double dose of Space:Queens for you! Last week, I had artist Shervone Neckles and now I present to you Damali Abrams! Damali is a talented visual artist, writer and herbalist, who is using her talents to help to heal the world. Enjoy my interview with […]

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African Culture in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison, griot extraordinaire. Wonderful essay by Ben Wilkerson about how she honors our cultural connections in her writing.

Essays of a Young Philologist

African-American literature is a very young subset of literature, considering that Western literature has been around at least since the days of Beowulf in the early Middle Ages. Even though it is quite young, African American literature has many complexities due to its relation to race issues, poverty, and its connection with Africa. As its name designates, there is a certain aura of “African-ness” to this type of literature. Toni Morrison published Song of Solomon in 1977 during a time when race issues were still heightened throughout the United States. It would appear that as Morrison wrote this work, she considered a potent question: “Have I made a whole world and led you through it toward a new comprehension of our life and time, maybe all human history?” (Price x). While it is certainly true that this novel describes a torn and strife filled life of African Americans, there is…

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Annie Turnbo Malone was one of the first self made African-American millionaires. She used her success to bring others with her, creating jobs for thousands of other women like her and using her millions to support good causes. Annie was born in southern Illinois in 1869. She was the daughter of two excaped slaves and […]

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The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a Black Woman — 3CHICSPOLITICO

In an age of racism and sexism, Katherine Johnson broke both barriers at NASA. She calculated the trajectory of man’s first trip to the moon, and was such an accurate mathematician that John Glenn asked her to double-check NASA’s computers. To top it off, she did it all as a black woman in the 1950s […]

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Inge Hardison, Actress and Sculptor of Heroes, Dies at 102 – The New York Times

Ms. Hardison immortalized African-American historical figures as well as ordinary black citizens in her sculptures.

Source: Inge Hardison, Actress and Sculptor of Heroes, Dies at 102 – The New York Times

Berta Cáceres, Honduran Indigenous Rights Leader, Is Murdered : The Two-Way : NPR

The InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights had called on Honduras to give Cáceres protection. Local media cite police as saying she was killed during a robbery at a house they were not guarding.

Source: Berta Cáceres, Honduran Indigenous Rights Leader, Is Murdered : The Two-Way : NPR

Modern Griots Reviews: A Dream to Fly – The Bessie Coleman Story

This is for all the Diesel Funk fans out there and for Women’s History Month! What legacy are we leaving for others when we dare to dream our special dreams, despite all the limitations that …

Source: Modern Griots Reviews: A Dream to Fly – The Bessie Coleman Story

The Rosa Parks Collection is Now Online

raymond and rosaRead about the newly-digitized Rosa Parks Papers at The Library of  Congress.. In addition, check out a video that tells the story of the acquisition & preparation of the collection, plus a Primary Source Gallery from the collection designed for use by teachers and students.http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2016/16-042.html?loclr=fbloc